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  • A residential tower made from local wood

    05 / 07 / 2016 03:21

    A residential construction project in the Griffintown district of Montreal is proving that an eight-storey wood structure can be built without compromising building solidity or occupant safety.The Arbora project includes 434 units with a total area of 600,000 square feet; it is the world’s larges...


  • The Government of Québec is investing $132.8 million in transport infrastructure for the Nord-du-Québec region

    05 / 07 / 2016 03:20

    On June 29, the MNA for Ungava, Jean Boucher, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, Jacques Daoust, and the Minister for Mines and Minister responsible for the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and the Nord-du-Québec region, Luc Blanchette, announc...


  • Groundbreaking ceremony for the tallest wood building in Quebec

    20 / 06 / 2016 10:42

    On June 14, the Premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard, took part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Origine project.He was accompanied by the Minister responsible for Labour, Dominique Vien, and by the MNA for Jean-Lesage, André Drolet.The Origine residential tower, located in Québec's Pointe-a...


  • Successful first edition of the Attestation of collegial studies (AEC) in Tourism Reception, Information and Promotion services

    20 / 06 / 2016 10:41

    From May 30 to June 3, Développement Chibougamau participated in the first Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC) in Tourism Reception, Information And Promotion Services organized by Tourisme Baie-James in cooperation with the Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association (COTA). The participants had ...


  • Développement Chibougamau visits Stornoway's Renard diamond project

    20 / 06 / 2016 10:39

    On June 2, the Renard Liaison Committee, of which Développement Chibougamau is a member, visited Stornoway’s Renard project to see its progress. Stornoway also provided an operational readiness update on the Renard project in a press release dated June 6, which stated that at the end of May, over...


  • Did you know that you can post an internship offer for free on the websites of various universities?

    03 / 06 / 2016 10:20

    Whether it is in administration, forestry, architecture, social sciences or another field, you can post your internship offer for free.The online placement services offered by several universities in Quebec could provide your business with a great showcase for hiring qualified trainees.If your bu...


  • Hôtel Motel Nordic

    03 / 06 / 2016 10:19

    On May 24, Rock Mailhot and his team welcomed about fifty people from the business community.Visitors were able to see all the improvements made in the property’s 54 rooms.The work was completed over a period of 2 years and required an investment of over $250,000.For more information about the se...


  • Community infrastructure program

    03 / 06 / 2016 10:17

    Canada Economic Development (CED) will issue a call for project proposals that will be in effect from June 1 to July 8, 2016.In Quebec, a budget of $31.2 million will support the renovation, improvement and even expansion of existing community infrastructure.The program aims to support organizati...


  • Nicolas Duvernois in Chibougamau

    19 / 05 / 2016 03:15

    On May 9, the Chibougamau-Chapais Chamber of Commerce welcomed founder of PUR Vodka and entrepreneurial role model, Nicolas Duvernois. More than 90 participants from the business community were present to hear Mr. Duvernois relate the highlights of his personal and professional journey during a h...


  • Partnership for development of tourism products

    19 / 05 / 2016 03:14

    Tourisme Baie-James (TBJ) and the Administration régionale Baie-James (ARBJ) have joined forces to equip the James Bay region with a joint action plan for the development of tourism products. This approach aims to harmonize tourism products throughout the region. TBJ and the ARBJ are organizing a...


  • Stornoway intersects kimberlite at Adamantin project

    19 / 05 / 2016 03:12

    On May 5, Stornoway announced the discovery of kimberlite at its Adamantin project located approximately 100 km south of the Renard Diamond Project and 25 km west of the extension of Highway 167.To date, 11 distinct kimberlite bodies have been identified and are interpreted to represent a new cen...


  • Wine and passion

    09 / 05 / 2016 04:32

    The Chibougamau–Chapais Chamber of Commerce, together with ICM Chapais–Chibougamau, kicked off mining week 2016 with its annual Wine and Passion event on April 22 with guest of honour Luc Blanchette, minister for mines and minister responsible for the Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Nord-du-Québec regi...


  • Goldcorp still hasn't found how far Éléonore goes

    09 / 05 / 2016 04:31

    It’s been a year since production began at the Éléonore Gold Mine, but it remains an open question just how far down the deposit extends. Goldcorp has set aside $5 million for 2016 to assess the scope of the deposit. For the full article (in French), click here.


  • Sustainable development: Chantiers Chibougamau wood products make their mark

    09 / 05 / 2016 04:30

    The Montreal Regional Environment Council (CRE-Montreal) hosted the 10th edition of its Montreal Environment and Sustainable Development Awards Gala on April 26. Nine finalists were selected out of the 54 submissions received, including the Montreal Soccer Centre, with its wooden structure by Cha...


  • A first for the Nord-du-Québec region

    27 / 04 / 2016 04:11

    Nuuhchimi Wiinuu, a Cree tourist site, opened its doors to visitors on April 1, 2016. Hailing from Oujé-Bougoumou, entrepreneurs David and Anna Bosum share their intimate knowledge of nature and their ancestor’s 6,000-year-old culture with visitors. Besides cultural and other varied activities, D...


  • Introduction to prospecting and the carbon footprint

    27 / 04 / 2016 04:09

    Centre d’études collégiales à Chibougamau, partnered with Emploi-Québec and Table jamésienne de concertation minière will be holding a training workshop on the basic skills needed to become an independent prospector. This workshop will interest anyone wishing to learn the rudiments of prospecting...


  • Public consultation: revitalization of downtown Chibougamau

    27 / 04 / 2016 04:07

    In September 2015, the Chibougamau municipal council began examining the matter of revitalizing the downtown area. A Special Planning Program (SPP) has been developed and will be submitted for public consultation at City Hall on Wednesday May 4, 2016, at 7 p.m. During the consultation, a number o...


  • Oban completes acquisition of Souart Gold project from Multi-Ressources Boréal

    29 / 03 / 2016 03:10

    On March 10, Oban Mining Corporation acquired Multi-Ressources Boréal’s Souart gold property. The compilation of historical geological data and 3D modeling on the Souart property led to further definition of gold-bearing lenses in the area. The Souart property is located approximately 90 km east ...


  • New office for notary Danielle Girard-Gendron

    29 / 03 / 2016 02:17

    Since the beginning of the new year, Danielle Girard-Gendron has been welcoming clients at her new office, located at 572 3e Rue. To mark the move, Ms. Girard-Gendron invited forty or so business partners to a cocktail on March 17. Développement Chibougamau and Mayor Manon Cyr were present to sup...


  • Transfer of land to Chibougamau

    29 / 03 / 2016 02:15

    On March 18, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Arcand, accompanied by the Minister for Mines, Luc Blanchette, and the MNA for Ungava, Jean Boucher, signed an agreement to transfer public land, free of charge, to the municipality of Chibougamau for the expansion of its industria...


  • Get-together for employers of the Nord-du-Québec region

    16 / 03 / 2016 10:09

    Are you a business owner, team leader, or manager or do you work in human resources? To develop your administrative skills and improve your management of human resources, come to the 2nd annual “Rendez-vous des employeurs du Nord-du-Québec”, which will be held on March 23rd at the Hôtel Harricana...


  • Something new at Hôtel Chibougamau

    16 / 03 / 2016 10:06

    Since February 27th, Hôtel Chibougamau’s Bistro dining room is open from Tuesday through Saturday, from 5 to 10 pm. The dining room now has a warm and inviting atmosphere with its new decor highlighting the work of regional artists. Come discover its Mediterranean (gourmet and molecular) menu. Fo...


  • Objectif Nord

    26 / 02 / 2016 03:35

    The ninth edition of Objectif Nord will take place in Québec City on April 26. This event will help you learn more about the natural resource boom in Québec and mining projects being developed. For more information, please click here (only french).


  • Three Chibougamau businesses take the spotlight

    26 / 02 / 2016 03:34

    In the February 23 edition of La Presse+ and La, three Chibougamau businesses were presented in a portfolio on Plan Nord. The article, entitled “Plan Nord : savoir croître dans un milieu au ralenti” (Plan Nord: Knowing how to grow in a down economy), mentions Chantiers Chibougamau, MAS ...


  • City of Chibougamau brand image wins in the Grafika competition

    26 / 02 / 2016 03:33

    The City of Chibougamau’s new visual identity created by the Paprika design firm in 2015 was a standout in the Grafika competition. The project was ranked among the top 100 graphic design achievements in Quebec. It’s another reason to be proud of our new image representing the northern spirit. Fo...


  • Call for ideas – dialogue on economic development

    16 / 02 / 2016 04:28

    Canada Economic Development (CED) is opening a dialogue with the public to solicit ideas and opinions from citizens and economic stakeholders on the economic advantages, challenges, and issues facing businesses and communities in Québec, as well as potential solutions that may be considered.Membe...


  • Chibougamau weighs in regarding BlackRock Metals

    16 / 02 / 2016 04:20

    The Chapais and Chibougamau chambers of commerce issued a press release announcing their support for a BlackRock Metals secondary processing plant in Nord-du-Québec.To view the press release, please click here (only french). On a similar note, the Chibougamau municipal council passed a symbolic ...


  • Stornoway announces it is ahead of schedule and under budget

    16 / 02 / 2016 04:18

    On February 3, Stornoway announced that construction on the Renard diamond project was proceeding ahead of schedule and at a lower cost.Thanks to a faster pace, the first ore delivery to the processing plant is now slated for late September 2016, and capital costs to complete the project have bee...


  • Learn How to Effectively Manage Your Business

    01 / 02 / 2016 04:06

    This March, Centre de formation professionnelle de la Baie-James is offering training workshops geared towards business managers.The following workshops are being offered in French for $15 each: The Web and social media, Learning to write and manage newsletters, How to bill your customers, and Mo...


  • Public Consultation on Northern Quebec's Forests

    01 / 02 / 2016 03:47

    Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) is currently holding public consultations on the forestry operations that will be carried out north of the 49th parallel in the coming years.Citizens are invited to come share their concerns about forest management activities at a public forum...


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