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  • International Symposium on Northern Development held in Quebec

    16 / 03 / 2015 09:51

    From February 25 to 27, the Symposium brought together roughly 450 people with an interest in northern development from around the world. Research and data collection are at the heart of the relaunched Plan Nord and it is in this perspective that Développement Chibougamau was present at the...


  • Splendid showcase for Chibougamau and the region

    16 / 03 / 2015 09:50

    Produced by Dizi Films in cooperation with Tourisme Baie-James, superb video vignettes of Chibougamau, the Festival Folifrets Baie-James and snowmobiling are currently airing on TVA Sports and in Saint-Hubert restaurants throughout Quebec until April. The videos, filmed from a drone, are an...


  • Postcards from Chibougamau now on sale!

    03 / 03 / 2015 11:10

    In recent weeks, the postcards made as part of the initiative "Chibougamau, j'te veux en photo!" are now available in around ten local shops. The winning photos offer landscapes of the boreal forest, pictures of the lake Gilman, the city of Chibougamau and winter scenes of stunning beauty. ...


  • Confirmed funding for ARBJ

    03 / 03 / 2015 11:08

    The Ungava deputy, Jean Boucher, accompanied by Minister Luc Blanchette, announced last week the maintenance of budget envelope of $ 1.7 million for the James Bay Regional Administration to continue its activities in regional development for 2015-2016. To read the press release issued by th...


  • Nordic Structures Bois: Tallest residential building with solid wood in North America

    03 / 03 / 2015 11:06

    The structure of the high tower of 13 floors will be entirely made of solid wood 100% and will be from 40.9 meters high. Located near the Écocartier Pointe-aux-Lièvres in Quebec City, this large building project was announced yesterday by the Mayor Régis Labeaume and the NEB consortium Nord...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Tim Hortons in Chibougamau)

    02 / 03 / 2015 01:15

    The news owners Anthony and Elaine Macleod of the Tim Hortons in Chibougamau are pleased to welcome their customers since February 13. The company offers a specialized service in selling coffee and donuts 24 hours 24 and generated the creation of 50 new jobs. The owners are proud to deli...


  • BDC Young Entrepreneur Award 2015

    19 / 02 / 2015 02:50

    BDC has recently announced the launch of the competition young Entrepreneur 2015 for 18-35 years. If your company has reached a turning or want to implement an innovative solution to make it to the next level, this could come to you! The Grand Prize is $ 100,000 and the registration period ...


  • Cultural Vitality Tour: stop at Chibougamau

    19 / 02 / 2015 02:49

    Presented by the network and the City Arts, Cultural Vitality tour will stop at Chibougamau on Tuesday 10 March at the Outdoor Centre Mont-Chalco. This event, which is open to all actors who play a role in local development, allow you to discuss the situation of culture in Chibougamau and t...


  • Epinex: a promoter agreement to the spinneret wood construction

    19 / 02 / 2015 02:48

    On January 30, at Chantiers Chibougamau, Jean-Denis Girard and Luc Blanchette Ministers had signed an agreement implementing the niche of excellence wood construction systems of black spruce. The niche includes companies operating in the areas of processing, manufacture of wood construction...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Final of the regional Quebec Games January 2015)

    11 / 02 / 2015 02:03

    The Skating Club of Chibougamau Les Lames Givrées had the pleasure to host the final of the regional Quebec Games. During these two days, 216 skaters paraded on the ice by offering their finest performances with pride. This activity generated an economic impact of nearly $ 43,000. &nbs...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Launch of the 17th edition of the Concours québécois en entrepreneuriat)

    02 / 02 / 2015 08:56

    On January 20th at Matagami, during a 5-7 organized by the SADC Chibougamau-Chapais, the regional honor president of the Concours québécois en entrepreneuriat Nord-du-Québec, Sylvain Cloutier gave the kick sends to the 17th edition of the competition. A nice tool to unite the world of edu...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Metchib Metallurgical services Chibougamau)

    02 / 02 / 2015 08:48

    Metchib Metallurgical services Chibougamau established in 2009, specializes in the treatment of the ore. Metchib uses its process equipment for training future operators and realize various metallurgical testing for the mining industry. Last December the company has improved the appearanc...


  • Recruitment day by Stornoway

    20 / 01 / 2015 01:47

    You are interested in joining the Renard project currently under construction? On January 26, Stornoway organizes a recruitment day. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the team in place, present and submit your CV. Click here (french) for more information.


  • Chibougamau hosts a major figure skating competition

    19 / 01 / 2015 03:48

    On January 24 and 25, the town of Chibougamau and local figure skating clubLes Lames Givréeswill be hosting the regional finals for the Quebec Games - Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean section. More than 500 people are expected in Chibougamau for the competition. The events will be held at the Chibou...


  • Online directory of businesses: annual update

    19 / 01 / 2015 03:38

    The business directory is a free, user-friendly tool that provides access to a wealth of information about local businesses. Développement Chibougamau is currently making calls to update the directory; please contact us as soon as possible when you get the message. You can also reach us by ...


  • Tim Hortons: opening in mid-february

    19 / 01 / 2015 03:36

    The much-anticipated opening of the Tim Hortons restaurant is scheduled for mid-February. The final phases of construction and equipment installation will therefore end in the coming weeks. Développement Chibougamau wishes every success to this new business that will soon be opening its doo...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Noël pour tout le monde)

    13 / 01 / 2015 09:21

    The SADC Chibougamau-Chapais is proud of its participation in the frame of Noël pour tout le monde in Chibougamau. This year 153 baskets of groceries and 58 gifts were distributed to families who were in great need. Firefighters raised $ 10 657,49 through the generosity of the people. ...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Conference Dinner with Danièle Henkel "Entrepreneurship - Leadership")

    13 / 01 / 2015 09:11

    November 25 was held in Chibougamau dinner-conference of the famous businesswoman Danièle Henkel organized by Femmessor Jamésie and Chibougamau Entrepreneurship Centre under the theme "Entrepreneurship - Leadership". With its role on the show, Dans l'oeil du dragon, Ms. Henkel has touched...


  • Festival Folifrets Baie-James: from February 26 to March 7!

    05 / 01 / 2015 10:54

    Last December 11, the 49th edition of the Festival Folifrets Baie-James was launched at the Chibougamau Town Hall.  Economically, this is a big event for Chibougamau.Last year, the spinoffs were estimated at more than $350,000.Development Chibougamau wishes the Organizing Committee an...


  • Registration in the Stornoway-SNC-Lavalin database

    05 / 01 / 2015 10:52

    Développement Chibougamau has created a guide to support companies from all industries in the process of registering in the SNC-Lavalin Global Procurement System (GPS). This visibility with Stornoway-SNC-Lavalin is important and could help provide new opportunities for business and partners...


  • Metchib Metallurgical Services: a new façade

    05 / 01 / 2015 10:32

    Développement Chibougamau would like to congratulate Metchib for the recently completed work on the front of its building located on 3rd Street. Metchib is a company that specializes in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. The work was carried out by contractor Pelletier Cons...


  • Presentation by the Chapais-Chibougamau branch of the CIM: a great success!

    10 / 12 / 2014 01:24

    The presentation by the Chapais-Chibougamau branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining held on November 27 was sold out.Patrick Houle, Regional Geologist for the Nord-du-Québec region, updated attendees on the Chibougamau area's iron-titanium-vanadium potential, providing valuable insight i...


  • Blackrock Metals: considering secondary processing

    10 / 12 / 2014 01:20

    BlackRock Metals recently revealed that it is now considering adding a smelter to process ilmenite from its deposits in order to make pig iron for steel mills. Owner of two deposits totalling 14 kilometres, Blackrock Metals initially intended to extract the vanadium-rich iron for export to ...


  • Stornoway Renard project : Business Opportunities

    10 / 12 / 2014 01:19

    To follow the information meeting on November 26, Développement Chibougamau invites interested suppliers and contractors to register with the SNC-Lavalin Global Procurement System (GPS) in order to express interest in participating in the project. Stornoway's representatives were very clear...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Career dinner)

    09 / 12 / 2014 11:33

    As part of thye Semaine québécoise de l'orientation Chibougamau-Chapais, about 180 people got together for a dinner career at Chibougamau. This event has allowed 91 students to meet professionals working in different fields, allowing them a more informed choice for their future professio...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Conference dinner of the Association À fleur d'espoir of Chibougamau)

    02 / 12 / 2014 11:10

    November 14 was held in Chibougamau annual conference dinner of the Association À fleur d'espoir of Chibougamau. Under the theme "Epigenetics: can our healthy habits change the course of our history?" The doctor of chiropractic, Sylvain Dubé, has inspired more than 150 participants and f...


  • Québec Mining Exploration Convention: Stornoway honoured

    21 / 11 / 2014 04:05

    Every year during its annual convention, the Québec Mineral Exploration Association (AEMQ) recognizes and honours the dynamism and entrepreneurship of businesses and individuals involved in the development of Quebec's mining exploration industry. This year, Stornoway received the 2014 Entre...


  • BlackRock Metals: Environment Canada approves the project

    21 / 11 / 2014 04:04

    Environment Canada announced last week that the BlackRock project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects when the mitigation measures described in the Comprehensive Study Report are taken into account. This is great news for BlackRock Metals' proposed iron, titaniu...


  • The good economic news Chibougamau-Chapais (Award of Excellence Cecobois: Nordic Structures Bois looks good)

    19 / 11 / 2014 09:13

    Nordic Structures Bois, a subsidiary of Chantiers Chibougamau, was distinguished on several occasions on September 24 on the occasion of the 4th edition of the Award of Excellence Centre of Expertise on commercial wood construction (Cecobois). These awards allow Chantiers Chibougamau to ...


  • Richesses naturelles en découverte 2015: it’s confirmed!

    10 / 11 / 2014 03:03

    The 3rd edition of Richesses naturelles en découverte will be held from September 11 to 13, 2015, in Chibougamau. We suggest that you mark these dates on your calendar right away. Développement Chibougamau and FaunENord also invite you to watch a video clip of the highlights of the latest e...


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